Baux and Tarkett unite to launch coordinated colour palette

Baux and Tarkett have united to launch a coordinated colour palette, envisioned to create sustainable interiors that have a positive impact on users’ health. 

Baux Acoustic Wood Wool tiles for ceilings and walls help absorb noise for clearer thinking, while Tarkett AirMaster® flooring technology specialises in reducing fine dust for easier breathing. The versatile colour palette ranges from grounding minerals to warming florals and lofty forest hues. 

To help achieve visual harmony between the multi-textural flooring, wall and ceiling surfaces of Tarkett and Baux, the brands recruited help from international design studio Form Us With Love. The resulting colour palette includes six distinctive colour stories: Midnights, Neutrals, Minerals, Oceanic, Florals and Forests. 

Baux X Tarkett

“With this selection of colours, we want to provide professional creatives with a means of exploring mix-and-match possibilities and achieving an infinite range of palette diversity within the realm of architecture,” says John Löfgren, Co-Founder of Form Us With Love. 

Using Tarkett’s AirMaster® carpet tiles, designers can clear the air of interiors for greater human and environmental health. Tarkett’s patented Desso AirMaster® technology helps to improve indoor air quality by capturing and retaining fine dust eight times more effectively than smooth floors and four times more effectively than standard carpet. The carpet tile material additionally helps to absorb and dampen noise. 

Baux’s Acoustic Wood Wool meanwhile combines wood and cement to create high-functioning, low impact and fully recyclable acoustic tiles. The tiles’ open material structure effectively dampens noise, while the material also supplies excellent insulating, heat retention, strength, moisture resistance and fire protection properties. 

Baux X Tarkett

“For Tarkett, the collaboration with Baux has been a natural one as we both share a strong commitment to design, wellbeing and sustainability,” says Thomas Leneveu, Vice President of the Benelux & Carpet Business Unit EMEA at Tarkett. “Offering a complimentary floor and wall solution for interiors is something we both feel brings added value to our customers. This collaboration yields a solution that ticks all the boxes: a perfect blend of great design, improved acoustics and air quality – and a true commitment to sustainability.” 

Fredrik Franzon, CEO and co-founder at Baux adds: “Incorporating sustainable and wellness-promoting materials represents more than just a passing trend; it signifies a pivotal transition towards designing spaces that prioritise environmental stewardship, occupant health and long-term sustainability. This shift underscores a vital evolution in our approach to architecture and interior design, benefiting not only the environment but also enhancing the well-being of individuals and society as a whole.” 

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