Ayers Rock Resort expands wine selection through Indigenous-led and sustainable vineyards


Ayers Rock Resort, Uluru is bringing new Indigenous-led vineyards and sustainable wines to the fore through a refreshed wine list across each of its 14 dining and lounge options.  

Munda Wines and Mt Yengo join Indigenous-owned companies Jarrah Boy, Beechtree Distilling Company and Yaru Water on the beverage menus at the resort.   

Voyages has also expanded the resort’s biodynamic, vegan and organic wine offerings with the likes of Dalrymple Pinot Noir, from a sustainable venture in Tasmania, and the biodynamic, organic Yangarra Shiraz from Blewitt Springs, McLaren Vale. 

“From earthy Australian wines to signature cocktails infused with native ingredients, our refreshed menu advances our commitment to offering authentic cultural experiences and supporting indigenous and sustainable operators,” said Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia CEO, Matt Cameron-Smith.

Voyages CEO Matt Cameron-Smith with Munda Wine

“Our dedicated team has scoured the country for the best quality and freshest new flavours because we know just how important food and wine is for today’s traveller. We’re thrilled to have Munda and Mt Yengo’s quality wines onboard.”

Munda Wines grows its varieties on Indigenous Countries including Kaurna Country (McLaren Vale), Ngadjuri and Peramangk Country (Barossa Valley), and Walgalu Country (Tumbarumba, NSW). The word ‘munda’ means land in the Wirangu and Kokatha language.

“Munda Wines focuses on fine wines from selected First Nations Countries,” said Munda Wines Co-Owners, Pauly Vandenbergh and Damien Smith.

“We are sharing stories one glass at a time from the world’s oldest living culture. Nowhere is this more prevalent than the heart of Australia on Anangu Country at Uluru, where we are proud to share our stories with the guests of Voyages, and we thank the community for their support.”

Mt Yengo Co-Owner renowned artist, Wayne Quilliam, also expressed delight at the partnership.

“We are so delighted to partner with Voyages to share this captivating fusion of culture and wine,” Quilliam said.  

“Our wines are not just beverages; they encapsulate the essence of our stories, traditions, and deep-rooted connection to this land.”


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