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The Osmanthus Collection by Arte exudes refinement and luxury, not only through the sophisticated embroidery techniques utilised but also due to the use of natural materials such as sisal, cotton and hemp that have been used to create it. The materials, designs and colours in this collection are inspired by the Far East, and the aesthetic aspect and purity of nature is the common thread weaving through all the designs in perfect balance.

The Korean word for embroidery is chasu, which is very appropriate for this refined pattern. The abstract herringbone pattern is embroidered onto a natural sisal background using shiny textile threads, giving an effect that is both luxurious and authentic. Chasu is available in four colourways, all quietly reflective of the natural environment.

Tatami, meaning folded and stacked in Japanese, refers to the way in which traditional Japanese floor mats are manufactured. The substrate of this design is a playful reference to this authentic technique. The shiny geometric embroidery comes into its own against this background and the design is available in five colourways.

Staying in Japan, Gardens of Okayama tells the visual story of a colourful Japanese garden and has been carefully embroidered with great attention to detail onto the base of sisal fibres. The different shades and textures of the threads revealing the natural and organic character of the garden. The fairy-tale scene appeals to the imagination in all three colourways which are light yet grounded in nature.

The Kudzu wallcovering is made from the fibres of the climbing plant kudzu which is very common in tropical regions. These fibres are coarsely woven into a unique wallcovering as the irregular thicknesses and different shades of the various threads reveal its natural origins, and comes in 12 colourways. Sambe is another design within the collection that focusses on texture through natural fibre. The design is made of hemp fibres whose natural colours contrast with the fine black yarns that hold the fibres together. The knots and irregular threads of different thicknesses are clearly visible, and this is what makes Sambe so authentic and pure. The hemp weave comes is available in five earthy colourways.

detail of textured Geloma wallcovering from Arte with wooden objet in the foreground

Image credit: Arte

The final thread to the collection is Geloma, a refined jacquard-woven textile in glossy multicolour threads. The dancing horizontal lines create a playful effect on the one hand, while the dark background and warp provide relief on the other. This design owes its name to the word ‘loom’, which in turn comes from the old english word geloma, a descriptively apt name for a design rooted in textile history.

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Main image credit: Arte

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