Airbnb is partnering with Breezeway


Airbnb has a new software partner.

Breezeway, a platform for managing the maintenance and cleaning of short-term rentals, announced it is linking up with the short-term rental giant to leverage multiple data connections and offer operational insights and automation to Airbnb’s hosts once integrated.

Jeremy Gall, CEO and founder of Breezeway, said in its announcement the company is excited about becoming a new software partner to Airbnb.

“We share a commitment to helping hosts and property managers create consistent hospitality experiences at unique and authentic homes,” Gall said.

With the Airbnb partnership, Breezeway aims to make it easier on hosts to prepare for, communicate with and serve guests. 

The idea is that Breezeway will automate workflow to reduce error levels in overseeing cleaning, quality assurance, restocking supplies, maintenance and property safety.  

Breezeway will also be able to connect hosts to Airbnb guest reviews by using Airbnb’s reviews API to provide additional insights on processes including property tasks – such as cleaning – to enable hosts to better tell what’s working well and what needs to be improved.

Hosts will have access to a fully-integrated Airbnb-Breezeway messaging system that will allow them to respond to messaging threads from Airbnb on Breezeway’s platform. With it, hosts can respond to guests on any questions, update guests when homes are ready for check-in, update service requests and more. 


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