A Matter of Trust | Dorothy Dowling — LODGING


What initially inspired you to get into the hospitality business? My journey into the hospitality business was somewhat accidental, sparked by my graduate thesis on Canadian Travel Patterns. This research opportunity led to a role in industry research, which fueled my career path into hospitality consulting and then into brand marketing and commercial leadership. 

Who were some of your mentors or role models, male or female, and what were their most valuable lessons? My earliest lesson was the significance of trust in business relationships, people choose to work with those they know, like, and trust. Former Best Western CEO David Kong stands out among mentors, teaching the skill of identifying core problems—a vital asset in driving strategic decisions and fostering innovation.

What’s your outlook for the future with regards to diversity and inclusion within hospitality? I hold an optimistic view of the future largely fueled by Millennials and Gen Z. These generations exhibit a strong sense of purpose and their commitment to reshaping the future into one that aligns with their vision is something I admire, and I believe their courage will drive meaningful progress for our industry.


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