6 Tips for Hoteliers to Enhance Their Digital Compendiums for the Easter Holiday Period


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As the Easter holiday period approaches, hoteliers have a great opportunity to leverage their digital compendiums to enhance the guest experience and drive revenue. A digital compendium is a powerful tool that allows guests to access all hotel information conveniently through their own mobile devices. In this article, we will provide six valuable tips for hoteliers to optimize their digital compendiums and make the most out of the Easter holiday season.

  1. Showcase Easter-Themed Promotions: Create a dedicated section in your digital compendium to highlight special Easter promotions, such as discounted room rates, holiday packages, spa treatments, or themed dining experiences. Include attractive images, detailed descriptions, and booking options to entice guests and encourage them to take advantage of these exclusive offers.
  2. Provide Local Easter Events and Activities: Include a comprehensive list of local Easter events, such as egg hunts, parades, or festivals, in your digital compendium. This will help guests plan their itinerary and make the most of their stay by participating in the local holiday celebrations.
  3. Highlight Seasonal Menus and Specialties: Collaborate with your culinary team to create a special Easter menu featuring traditional holiday dishes and seasonal specialties. Include mouthwatering images, detailed descriptions, and pricing information in your digital compendium to tempt guests to dine at your establishment.
  4. Incorporate Interactive Maps: Integrate interactive maps into your digital compendium to help guests navigate the hotel premises and explore nearby attractions. Highlight points of interest, such as parks, landmarks, or shopping centers, which guests can visit during their Easter holiday stay.
  5. Provide Virtual Concierge Services: Integrate a chatbot or virtual concierge feature into your digital compendium to assist guests with any queries they may have. This can include information on hotel amenities, local attractions, transportation options, or even making reservations for Easter brunch or dinner.
  6. Gather Guest Feedback: Utilize your digital compendium to gather valuable feedback from guests. Include a section where guests can leave reviews, rate their experience, and provide suggestions for improvement. This will not only help you understand guest preferences but also demonstrate your commitment to providing exceptional service.

By implementing these eight tips, hoteliers can maximize the potential of their digital compendiums during the Easter holiday period. Embrace the digital era and create a personalized and engaging guest experience that will leave a lasting impression. Remember, a well-curated digital compendium can be a powerful tool to attract guests, boost revenue, and build a loyal customer.


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